Biscuit foils robbery

A robbery was foiled recently in the Post Office of a sleepy Lincolnshire town, by the heroic actions of a quick thinking assistant armed only with a biscuit.
In a miraculous chain of events, the bungled robbery ended without injury to any of the staff or other customers in the Post Office. The, as yet unnamed, assailant entered the building and joined the queue like a regular customer. But as he got to the counter he asked assistant, Beryl Clarke (46) to hand over all the money while gesturing that he had a weapon in his pocket.

As she filled a bag with the contents of the till, she noticed an open packet of Rocky Biscuits. Then, without a thought for her own safety, she held one up and waved it around. The robber stood confused for a moment before being knocked to the ground by the Post Offices’ pet dog, Matilda – a great dane.

Beryl told us, “I was just in a panic, then I spotted the biscuits. I didn’t hit me at first, then I saw Matilda by the door. You see, her favourite treat is a Rocky – she goes wild for them and nothing gets in her way when she sees one – she nearly killed Mabel from down the road. Anyway, I waved it about and the robber had no chance”.

Local police were quick to arrive to the scene and promptly took the criminal to justice. Beryl has been told she is to receive a community bravery award but there is no comment on whether the dog or biscuit will also receive recognition.

A spokesman from the BBAB commented, “We hear about a lot of injuries from what we call ‘second hand biscuit misadventure’, but it seems that in this case it actually did more good than harm. Although we cannot encourage this kind of behaviour, we’re glad that everything turned out okay”.

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