Biscuit injury figures down to record low



Promising new research shows that biscuit related injuries in the UK are down to the lowest number since records began. And some types of injuries have been reduced to zero. The British Biscuit Advisory Board’s (BBAB) recent warning advertisements are being praised as the most successful safety campaign since the Green Cross Code Man.

The figures show that the number of children in hospital with biscuits up noses is down 30%, the number of people burning their fingers whilst dunking has been halved and the number of people getting crumbs in their eyes has been reduced to zero.

Optician Jean Atkins told us, “The reduction in eye trauma is fantastic for both the optical and biscuit sectors. We first noticed the fall in cases when the eye patch drawer was so full it wouldn’t close. Then we checked the computer and we saw that we hadn’t had anyone in with retinal crumb scratches. Not a single one!”

The research also shows some much improved figures in education of the public, social awareness and improved storage techniques. All of these factors work together to give the UK the second best biscuit injury figures in Europe behind Luxemburg.

A BBAB spokesman commented, “We are tremendously pleased with the new results and are thankful that we are in a position to make such a difference to people’s lives.”

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