Biscuit record attempt ends in tragedy

Strange But True 5-1

A Ukrainian born competitive eater has sustained serious injuries during a failed Guinness World Record attempt.

Things were going well for him at the World Biscuit Eating Championships where he intended to smash his own record of 46 biscuits in a minute. Until 36 second in, he took a breath out of time and inhaled more crumbs than his championship throat could handle.

The stopwatch was stopped seconds later and the record was recorded as unbroken at just 34 biscuits, as more than 4,000 disappointed spectators watched with open mouths. Onlookers claimed they saw tears from the failed competitor, but no one has yet confirmed whether they were from the choking or the misery of failure.

“Of course I am of disappointment for choking. I am working hard for this record and I will once again becoming success. I am do it for my families”

Competitive eating is a highly dangerous sport and has seen many sad stories in its 600 year history. Competitive biscuit eating, however, has only been a recognised sport since 1906 but has quickly gained a reputation for being the most perilous.

A BBAB spokesman said, “As an organisation, we cannot condone extreme biscuit eating. But we’re not unaware of the joy it brings to some people – we just don’t want to see anymore accidents through such a reckless pursuit.”


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